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A guide to supercars and sports finance

You don’t have to be a dyed in the wool petrol head to have a passion for luxury, super luxury, collectible or classic cars.

For many an enthusiast, these supercars and sports vehicles are likely to represent something of a passion – and like many a passion, the ultimate objective might be a question of owning your very own.

Just as with any desirable luxury, however, the major stumbling block is likely to lie in finding the wherewithal for its purchase.

As this guide aims to show, however, securing that funding might be easier and more readily available than you imagined.

Why you may need supercars and sports finance   

Practically by definition any supercar, sports car or collectible classic is going to be one of very few of its kind – it is going to have a rarity value.

As a high-performance vehicle, it is also going to represent the highest standards of automotive engineering.

Taken together, that excellence in engineering and the likely rarity value of the vehicle, mean that you are likely to have to dig very deep to buy one – so deep, in fact, that you may need to look for supercars and sports finance.

Types of finance available

There may be a number of ways of raising the funds to buy the vehicle of your dreams but one of the most straight forward and familiar is likely to be the long-established mechanism of hire purchase:

  • A hire purchase agreement typically requires an initial deposit, which is usually about 10% of the purchase price;
  • The balance is paid in equal monthly instalments of anywhere between 12 months and 5 years;
  • During this period, ownership of the car does not transfer to you and does so only upon your payment of the final instalment;
  • Nevertheless, you become the registered keeper of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to insure it and you pay for any servicing, maintenance or repairs that may be required;
  • It is a criminal offence to sell or attempt to sell a vehicle that is still subject to a hire purchase agreement, without the permission of the hire purchase company;
  • As the Money Saving Expert points out, hire purchase agreements have been around for about as long as cars themselves – but there are still a number of variables, not least the cost, that distinguish one hire purchase agreement from another.

Why use Asset Finance Arena?

That’s where we here at Asset Finance Arena come in. We may help you decide whether hire purchase is the appropriate solution for you, and if it is, draw on our contacts with more than 40 finance providers to secure an agreement at a competitive rate.

So that we may help you buy the supercar or sports vehicle of your dreams, therefore, why not complete the online form for an immediate quote or contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs further.