Vehicle Finance Broker

Vehicle Finance Broker

Vehicle Finance Broker

The right asset finance for your vehicle.

A new vehicle can completely change your life. A car upgrade can make your commute more enjoyable and improve your quality of life. A caravan can offer you the freedom to explore the great outdoors whenever the mood takes you. An HGV can provide new opportunities for your business. 

Whatever vehicle you’re looking to buy, it’s likely to be an important yet expensive purchase. For some, this may mean saving up for a long time, settling on a cheaper model, or chancing the financial risk of obtaining the vehicle in one go. Our vehicle finance packages offer a more sustainable solution completely bespoke to your situation, so you can get your dream vehicle without all the hassle and financial worry.

Whether you’re looking for a van for your delivery business, a vintage car for your collection, or even your very own plane, Asset Finance Arena can help. Our specialist knowledge of the vehicle finance industry is invaluable for finding the best deal for you.


Our Vehicle Finance Packages

We offer short-term and long-term finance packages depending on your requirements. Our short-term packages provide three to twelve-month repayment windows, whereas our long-term finance solutions allow you to pay back in instalments within a one to five-year period. If you’re unsure which would be best for your budget, get in touch.

Our packages are crafted to be flexible around your needs, with variable repayment periods and payment options to make your vehicle completely affordable.


We offer the following vehicle finance packages:

Hire Purchase – Hire purchase agreements allow you to pay in reasonable monthly instalments and to purchase your vehicle outright at the end of the fixed term.

Loans – We source loans with a variety of interest rates and terms depending on the asset you want to finance, including standard auto loans, car collector loans, and more.

We can provide finance solutions for any type of vehicle. Below are the main categories of vehicles we finance:



If the vehicle you’re looking for isn’t listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t help. Contact us to discuss the options available to you.


Asset Finance Arena for Vehicle Finance

We are a financial broker specialising in asset finance and based in Derby. We have decades of experience in the financial sector and we work with some of the UK’s top finance lenders to ensure our customers receive the best deals for their assets.


For more information on how to make purchasing your dream vehicle easier on your wallet, get in touch on 01332 300300, or fill out the form below.