How will we buy cars after COVID?

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How will we buy cars after COVID?

The summer of 2020 has changed so much about how we live, work and purchase goods. This is no different in the world of car sales. With showrooms out of commission, distanced selling became the norm moving everything online and changing the way transactions are completed.

After the crisis, what is likely to form part of our new normal in the world of car purchases. We take a look at what has changed and what might remain:

Online sales will become more normal

Online sales didn’t suddenly happen overnight, the industry had been moving towards this for some time but the crisis increased reliance on it. While many people enjoy the human element of haggling with salesmen and visiting showrooms, the online buying experience is just as good as the in-person service.

Dealers were already having to become more tech-savvy to compete, with a strong web and social presence being essential. Finding they could sell to customers all over the country many dealers had invested heavily in digital selling. Because of this many, we perfectly placed to ramp this up under the necessary restrictions of the lockdown.

Adding a 14-day return policy to most transactions, the worries of buying a vehicle unseen have all but been eliminated as the trend towards fully digital car purchasing continues.

Showroom normal will return

While we speculate about car sales becoming fully digital, it is also likely that showrooms will also be around for some time. The restrictions placed on dealerships when they reopened on 1st June 2020 (including social distancing measures) are unlikely to last forever.

The cars will come to you

For months on end people were unable to leave their houses, local area at best, so the only way to get cars to them was to deliver them. The car industry was, perhaps, a little slow in coming in line with other industry’s digital sales offerings when it comes to delivery, but this initiative looks set to become more common as the industry meets consumer demands for more convenience.

This trend allows dealers to broaden their customer base, and despite the logistical challenges has been of huge benefit in bringing in new sales. The need to maintain social distances during deliveries and the standard of 14-day return periods is only likely to strengthen the delivery service offering over the coming months.

Click and collect will bridge the gap between digital and the showroom

Click and collect with become more common, bridging the gap between digital sales and the showroom. With a buyer’s ability to research and purchase online, but also visit the showroom to view the vehicle and complete the transaction, this could be the perfect compromise.

Car finance and leasing will offer more options for fund your new vehicle

As the market recovers and dealers look to attract more customers, the lending market will be proactive in getting new cars sold. Whatever your circumstances, budget and requirements for a new vehicle the market will provide. Do your research and explore your finance options, or better still, speak to experts in car finance and leasing to find you the best deals.

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