Commercial Mortgage Finance

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage Finance

Every business needs a home – an office, a warehouse, a factory or a retail space. A commercial mortgage makes that possible with a loan on the grounds that the commercial property acts as security against the borrowing.

Any existing commercial property that your business owns could, potentially, be used to raise valuable capital through commercial mortgage finance. There are many different lenders with many different deals, and it can all seem a little confusing.

Not with our help! Asset Finance Arena are experts in commercial property mortgages and can help you navigate the minefield of finance options and business jargon to secure exactly what you need for your new premises.

Our commercial mortgage finance products

Our commercial mortgage finance products work directly with top lenders using our specialist knowledge of the sector to ensure that our commercial mortgages work for your business.

Our specialist advisors will help you navigate factors such as building quality and state of repair, as well as any business growth elements that mortgage lenders will take into consideration offering you straightforward advice to get the best deal.

What we finance

With Asset Finance Arena you can get mortgages on commercial properties such as warehouses, factories, office complexes, retail properties and workshops.

Why choose Asset Finance Arena?

We know how many different commercial mortgage deals are out there and also how each option works for businesses. It’s what we do! We identify exactly what you need using our decades of experience and knowledge.

Here at Asset Finance Arena we have access to the best range of commercial mortgages and have the skills to point you to the right fit. It’s all about your needs and circumstances – no two businesses are the same, so our recommendations won’t be either.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your commercial mortgage needs by phone on 01332 300300 or leave us a message below so we can email or call you back at a convenient time.