Cash Flow Finance

Cashflow Finance

Business Cash Flow Finance

Cashflow issues cripple business on a day-to-day basis. The disconnect between the funds available to you and your on-going financial obligations, like paying creditors and staff, paying bills and purchasing equipment can cause a business to stall.

Are you finding yourself beholden to clients paying invoices on time and surviving in clumsy overdrafts? Cashflow finance can help ease that pain.

Avoid constant negative working capital and the associated difficult spells by using our finance options to increase your working capital, making better use of the assets you already hold.

Our cashflow finance products

As part of our cash flow finance packages, we finance every area that might be a sticking point for businesses with negative working capital whether its unpaid invoices, controlling credit or protecting existing trade assets. We use our knowledge to provide finance in the following ways:

• Factoring
• Invoice discounting
• Credit control
• Trade insurance

What we finance

Asset Finance Arena is committed to relieving the anxiety of negative working capital with our cashflow finance products, simplifying the complex options to give you straightforward was to help approve, fund, collect, and protect your sales invoices and to replace clumsy overdrafts.

By understanding the daily requirements of businesses and using our in-depth knowledge of the business finance industry our products are created to suit you, including factoring (receiving a value of your invoices upfront), invoice discounting, credit control and trade insurance.

With cashflow finance in place, you can concentrate on the important parts of your business.

Why choose Asset Finance Arena?

We understand business and so fully understand how important maintaining healthy working capital is to the success of any business. We have access to all the right knowledge, skills and tools to enable businesses to secure the best cashflow finance.

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