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Collectable Car Finance

Many people possess a passion for cars; for their speed, their beauty, and their mechanics. When you add luxury, rarity, and collectability to this mix, you have a vehicle that can cause desire even in those who aren’t self-proclaimed petrol heads.

This type of car represents the pinnacle of high performance and mastery in engineering. By their very nature, collectable cars are rare, and in some cases one of a kind, which is also likely to mean that your dream car will be expensive. Therefore, to make this dream a reality, you may require some form of financial help.

Asset Finance Arena is a team of financial experts ready to help you navigate the process of acquiring your collectable car for the absolute best price, without all the hassle of shopping around. 


Collectable Car Finance Products

We search across the financial industry to bring you the best partners, lenders, and offerings of collectable car finance products suitable for your budget and chosen special car.

We offer the following finance products:

We also provide financial packages for classic cars, sports cars, standard cars, and other vehicles.


What we finance

We offer a personal and bespoke service on any type of collectable vehicle you can imagine. Simply choose your car and we'll find you the right lender. With a deep understanding of the finance industry combined with a huge passion for cars, you can guarantee that the Asset Finance Arena team will be as excited about your new car as you are! 

Our expert advisors will work with you every step of the way to purchase your collectable car and provide advice and guidance on the right finance options for your situation.


Asset Finance Arena for Collectable Car Finance

Working with you is not just a sale for us. We are dedicated to finding the perfect financial solutions and will use our contacts with the top financial providers in the UK to ensure that we achieve this. We help you to decide whether the finance options we have are the right move for you with guidance along the rest of the way, and if there is a better deal somewhere, we’ll find it.


If you’re dreaming of purchasing a life-changing car, please speak to one of our expert advisers to decide on the next steps. Get in touch by phone on 01332 300300, or leave us a message below.