Machinery Finance

Machinery Finance

Plant and Machinery Finance

Machinery is a vital part of business operations spanning across many sectors, as they often enable and speed up some business-critical processes. However, they rarely come cheap. Considering machinery finance options can be a great step to acquiring your essential machinery sooner so that your business can start to reap the benefits immediately.

Many machinery purchases can offer good capital allowances against your tax liability. For more information about machinery tax relief and how you can claim it, get in touch for in-depth and bespoke advice, or visit the government website.

Types of machines that fall within the ‘plant and machinery’ banner can include vehicles, parts of buildings and even fixtures - from delivery trucks to air conditioning systems. Other apparatus are also eligible, so whatever machinery you’re looking to finance, Asset Finance Arena will find the best possible solutions for your business. 


Machinery Finance Options

Asset Finance Arena offers financial products for a wide variety of machinery and plant purchases for every size of business, including farming machinery, heavy-duty machines, and plant equipment.

We provide a personal service, including business support so that we can understand exactly what you need and help you to make the best financial decisions to advance your work.

We can offer the following machinery finance options:


Machinery Refinance

Sometimes, the right financial move for your business is refinancing. Many lenders are willing to refinance machines which are still in excess in existing loans or have already been paid for.

Most plant equipment and machinery can be refinanced to give you a bit of financial breathing room to buy additional equipment, or to inject the cash into other areas of the business.

There are several possible benefits to refinancing your machinery, including reducing your payment amount or finding lower interest rates. Contact us today to help decide whether refinancing your machines is the right next step for your business and to find the best refinancing rates around.


Asset Finance Arena for Machinery Finance

Whether you are looking to purchase or lease machinery, our finance products are guaranteed to offer the right solutions to help your business grow.

Our team works with some of the top financial providers in the UK so that we can always find the best deal for your business. We use our decades of financial experience and knowledge to provide a competitive and bespoke solution to meet our client’s needs.

See how we can help to improve your business finances by getting in touch with one of our expert advisers on 01332 300300, or leave us a message in the form below.