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Business Acquisition Finance

Your business has been going well for several years and now you are looking at ways to further that success. A popular, and obvious, way to do this is to look at acquiring another business working in the same or a complementary field to your own.

This kind of business will come equipped with an existing customer base, sales funnel and any infrastructure needed to start trading immediately (or in the very near future). You’ll also have the benefit of reducing competition in that industry for you to clean up in.

While your business might be doing very well, you'll likely need to secure additional finance in order to push through a buy-out.

Our business acquisition finance products

Asset Finance Arena offer finance packages for every aspect of business acquisition, helping you find the funding you require through two investment avenues:

• Equity release
• Business Angels

What we finance

While the case to expand your business by acquiring another is easily made, navigating the finances to do so is not as easy. Asset Finance Arena work with you to consider the health of your business and your potential acquisition to find you the best lender and finance deals to make that acquisition happen.

Why choose Asset Finance Arena?

Here at Asset Finance Arena, we've developed close working relationships with the most reputable business angels and equity release partners, as well as other sources of purchase finance to get out clients the best results.

Looking to pursue options for business acquisition finance? Get in touch with our specialist team to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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