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There is an undeniable passion for cars – the speed, the beauty, the mechanics of them – and when you add luxury, rarity and collectability to the mix, you have objects that cause desire even when people aren’t petrol heads.

These cars represent the very pinnacle of performance and engineering.

By their very nature, classic, collectable and sport cars are rare (sometimes one of a kind) meaning they are expensive. To make your dream of owning own of these special cars a reality you will need some form of finance.

Whether you seek a classic car, collectable car or sport car, Asset Finance Arena are here to help you navigate the process of acquiring one, hassle-free and for the best price.

Our car finance products

We've scoured the industry for the best finance partners and offerings to build classic car, collectable car and sport car hire purchase options and car collector loans that work for you.

We offer the following finance products:

What we finance

Our expert advisors will work with you every step of the way to purchase your classic car and guide you to the right finance option to make your dream collectable vehicle or high-performance sport car affordable.

With a deep understanding of the finance industry, and also a huge passion for cars, Asset Finance Arena offer personal service on any type of collectable vehicle you can imagine. We are as excited for you owning one as you are!

Why choose Asset Finance Arena?

This is not just a sale for us, we help you decide whether the finance options we have are the right move for you and guide you the rest of the way. Here at Asset Finance Arena, we work with over 40 top finance providers to find the best possible deal – if there is a better deal out there we will find it.

If you’re looking to purchase a life-changing car speak to one of our expert advisers.

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